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Kitchen Herbs



Anjelica – leaves, stems, roots.  Fresh

Leaves chopped to flavour fruit desserts and fish, stems and roots candied


In pesto, with tomatoes raw or cooked, widely used in Mediterranean cuisine

Bay leaves – fresh or dried

In bouquet garni, in soups, stocks and casseroles

Borage – leaves and flowers fresh

Leaves in wine cups and soups, whole as fritters, flowers in wine cups and salads

Chamomile – flower heads dried

As tea, in the making of beer

Chervil – leaves fresh

Soups, casseroles, salads, egg dishes

Chicory – leaves, root; fresh or dried

Leaves in salads, root roasted as a coffee substitute, root baked as a vegetable

Chives – leaves and flowers

Salads, soups, savoury butters, soft cheeses, egg dishes and grilled meats

Comfrey – leaves fresh or dried

Fresh leaves as fritters; chopped in white sauce, leaves in tea


Salads, garnishes for curries, chutneys and oriental sauces

 Dill leaves; fresh or dried

Pickles and vinegars, salads and dressings, soft cheeses and fish

Fennel – leaves, sprigs, stems; fresh

Fish, chicken, pork

Garlic – cloves

Dressings, casseroles, sautés, butters, dips, pates, soups, bread mixes

Lemon balm

Wine cups, herb beers, teas; custards, sweet sauces, fish, mushrooms, soft cheeses

Lemon verbena

As lemon flavouring to cakes, dried leaves for teas

Licorice – root, dried

As a sweetener

Lovage – leaves and stems, fresh

Broths, soups, casseroles, chicken, ham, fish. Stems can be candied

Marigolds (Calendula) – fresh petals

Flowers in soups, stews, petals with grains, soft cheeses, butters and salads

Marjoram – leaves, fresh or dried

Bouquet garni, savoury meat dishes, vegetable dishes, beer

Mint – leaves; fresh or dried

Sauces and relishes, teas and drinks


Used in savoury meat and vegetable dishes, pasta and pizza

Parsley – leaves fresh

Garnish for all savoury dishes, butters and sauces; salads

Rosemary – leaves and sprigs, fresh or dried

Lamb, chicken, potatoes

Sage – leaves fresh or dried

Stuffings, lamb, chicken, eggs

Salad burnet – small leaves fresh

Salads, soft cheeses, stuffings


Beans, cabbage, cauliflower, eggs

Sweet cicely – leaves fresh

Butters, salads

Tarragon – leaves sprigs, fresh or dried

Chicken, cream sauce, eggs, vinegars

Thyme – fresh or dried sprigs

All savoury dishes especially meat

Woodruff – leaves, flowers fresh or dried

As a tea or fruit cup flavouring

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