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Kitchen Spices



Allspice – whole or ground

Pickles, preserves, salt meats, fish; sweet cakes, pumpkin pie, hot punches

Caraway - whole

Bread, cakes, biscuits, soups, casseroles, cabbage, beetroot

Cardamom – whole or ground

Garam masala, pulses, chicken, cakes, biscuits, coffee and chocolate drinks

Cayenne – ground

Fish, seafood, middle eastern and creole dishes

Chillies – whole or ground

Fresh for curries, south American foods, whole dried for chutneys and pickles, ground in chilli powder for curries

Cinnamon – whole quills of bark or ground

Mulled drinks, pudding, sweet baked foods, poached fruits, savoury rice dishes

Cloves – whole or ground

Stocks and poached meats, pot roasts, baked hams, apples, mulled drinks and garam masala


Coriander – whole or ground

Garam masala, curries, pickling spice, with olive oil, ratatouille, rice dishes

Cumin whole

Garam masala, curries, rice and pulses, cheeses, bread, cakes and pastries

Dill whole

Fish, bread, apple pie and cakes, casseroles, soups and pickles

Fennel – whole or ground

As a condiment; in baking; with oily fish and fatty meats, seeds as a breath freshener

Ginger – fresh whole; dried whole or ground

Grated in curries; dried whole and bruised in pickles, mulled drinks and in baking

Juniper – whole and crushed before use

Rich meats, game and pates; with cabbage, in seasonings and savoury butters

Lovage – whole or ground

Ground seed as a substitute to pepper

Mace – ground

As condiment; flavour can be used in sweet and savoury foods

Mustard – whole or ground; white or black

Pickling spice, marinades, sauces, baking, seasoned flour, soups and dressings

Nutmeg – freshly ground or grated

Sweet puddings, fruit dishes, green vegetables; meat loaves and nut roasts, eggs


Goulashes, soups, pulses, fish, curries, Middle Eastern foods, dressings

Pepper – whole or ground

Whole in pickles, stocks, poached meats, ground in all savoury foods

Saffron – whole

As a yellow culinary dye, particularly rice dishes, cakes and also in some liquors


Garam masala, curries, rice, grains, fish, pickles. As a colouring for Indian sweet dishes and drinks


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