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Seed Potatoes

For 2015 we will be stocking seeds potatoes, seeds and onion sets as well as compost and other gardening essentials at all our stalls. (Please note these items are not available through our shop)

Seed Potatoes


Spuds, spuds, spuds! We love ‘em, they are easy to grow and when you get a good one, smothered in butter, sour cream, coleslaw, beans, well say no more! We love a spud and growing potatoes could not be easier. A simple search online will show that they will grow in anything from a black bag to a dustbin, so what are you waiting for?

There are several varieties that can be planted now in containers, First Early varieties are those that mature very quickly some being ready in as little as 90 days. Our mini packs of seed potatoes (6 in a pack for €1.50) are ideal for containers and will produce a fine crop of spuds for your table, so try a few we promise it will be easy!


First Earlies

Arran Pilot – First Early

A traditional favourite potato for many years which produces white fleshed waxy new potatoes with a delicate flavour. Tastes best brought straight from the ground to the pot, works just as well hot or cold and is particularly good in potato salad

'Rocket' First Early Seed Potato

Rocket potatoes are one of the earliest potatoes out there, which is possibly how it got its name, yet it produces a high yield. The flesh is pure white, firm, waxy and with good flavour. Many growers have been delighted with how early and easy to grow they are.

Rocket are resistant to blackleg and potato cyst eelworm, and produces uniform round tubers of exhibition quality.

'Casablanca' First Early potato.

Casablanca is a new early potato variety producing an excellent crop of smooth tubers which are perfect for boiling. Large potatoes from your harvest will also make the perfect chip!

Casablanca has good resistance to common scab, blackleg and golden eelworm. This new variety is bound to become a household name and be one of the top potatoes in the kitchen.

Duke Of York Potatoes Also available in Red Duke of York

A pale yellow waxy boiler at first but matures quickly into a versatile general purpose potato. Famous for their great taste. Smaller potatoes can be used as waxy salad potatoes but as the season progresses and the tubers grow dry matter increases. One of the tastiest spuds.

Sowing: Mid March

'Homeguard' First Early Seed Potatoes

Wonderful early potato with a firm creamy flesh which tastes fantastic. The main potato grown throughout the war. High yield and very resistant to scab. The perfect potato for boiling and baking.

Sharpes Express First Early Seed Potatoes

Sharpes Express are a heritage potato which became popular in 1901. Long oval shaped tubers with white skins and a pale lemon coloured flesh. Sharpes Express are a high dry matter potato so more suitable for baking, roasting and chips. Steaming is better than boiling as the potato is less likely to break apart. A fine flavour suited to all round kitchen use.

Sowing: Mid March


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