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Seeds & Onions

Seeds & More

As more and more of us are producing home-grown food such as salads and herbs it is vitally important that you purchase seeds suited to our climate. How many times have we bought seeds from the big name manufacturers only to find that the seeds are designed to be grown in the south east of England and definitely not the North West of Ireland!

Growing times differ by up to 4 weeks between Sligo & Essex and so it is essential that the seed produced and sold on to the consumer is the right one for the job.


We are delighted to announce for 2015 we are stocking a huge range of seeds produced in Ireland for an Irish climate and weather patterns. So whether you fancy growing cabbage or squash we have the right seeds for the job.

Come to our stall for all the information you need to grow everything you like successfully.


Onion Sets

Growing onions from sets could not be easier. Just pop in the ground and leave them to it. Onions will grow well in deep containers or amongst the flowers in you beds. They need little attention, just a bit of weeding to keep them free of tangles.

We recommend unpacking your onion sets on receipt and spread out in a cool, light place until planting time.

Mid-March to late April
Plant sets halfway in the ground and half sticking up.
Between rows: 30cm
between plants in the row: 10cm
Tip: protect newly panted onion set from birds with bird netting!




Sturon onion sets are a maincrop white onion that is perfect for overwintering; they are very high quality and produce high yields of juicy medium sized onions. These onions have a standard, round globe shape with a yellow flesh and light brown skin. Sturon is bolt resistant and stores very well. These are probably the most flexible onion sets; it can be planted for overwintering or can be planted closer together for green onions. Plant further apart for larger onions that store very well.


An amazing onion that is resistant to downy mildew – the well-known disease that is prevalent in wet years. Globe shaped with copper/golden skin. Stores extremely well.



Stuttgart onion sets produce firm semi flat shaped onions with a vibrant golden skin colour. They have a deliciously crisp and mild flavour, are slow to bolt and store very well, it is for these reasons that they are one of the most popular varieties we stock and have been for many years. They are suitable for summer production and are also perfectly suited for over wintering.

Plant out from Feb to early April, space rows approx. 30cm apart and keep about 6cm between each plant. Keep your sets in a cool dry area until you are ready to plant


Remember all of our garden supplies are only available at our stalls.


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